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You’re here because you want to know if Venapro is the real thing and if it is the right product for you, right?

Then great, cause I got all you need to know about Venapro… EVERYTHING!

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But, first things first:

The “H” word: Hemorrhoids. A subject that can be uncomfortable in more than one way, but which we have to face

Gerina Reilly

Those of you who have experienced the “H” word before know that it’s not fun enduring the discomfort and it’s not fun having to talk about them either. Well, no worries.

I’ve researched and compiled all the information you’ll need to know, good and bad, just about everything that there is to know about Venapro, an all-natural hemorrhoid treatment system.

We’ll talk about what Venapro is, what ingredients are used in the system, what side effects it has, how it’s different from other products, and so much more…

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know whether you want to grab Venapro or leave it if it is not for you!

My followers and readers know very well that I’m always impartial and very objective with my research,…

You know you can trust what you are about to read cause these are just the actual facts, so you can make your decision based only on real, facts-based, up-to-date information

If you just wanna know where to buy Venapro then go to the Manufacturer Official Website, that’s the best place to buy Venapro, period!

Here Is What I Have For You In This Post:

      • What is Venapro?
      • Ingredients Used in the Venapro System
      • Venapro Video
      • How is Venapro Different from Other Hemorrhoid Relief Products?
      • How Does Venapro Work?
      • Major Benefits / Advantages of Venapro
      • Negative Side Effects / Disadvantages of Venapro
      • Is There Proof or Testimonials from Real Venapro Users?
      • Venapro Studies / Trials / University & Clinical Studies
      • What Do the Experts Have to Say?
      • My Conclusion / Final Thoughts
      • Where to Buy Venapro Cheaply and Safely
      • Don’t Buy Venapro Until You See this

First things first…

Where to Buy Venapro: Official Website

What is Venapro?

VenaproVenapro has become one of the most popular hemorrhoid relief products out there, partly due to word of mouth advertising and customer reviews.

You might even be coming here after hearing or reading some of these reviews.

So what is the product anyway? It is a two-step product that uses natural ingredients to give you over-the-counter relief from hemorrhoids.

First, you take a supplement for colon health. Next, you use a spray under your tongue two times a day to relieve the symptoms of your hemorrhoids.

Ingredients Used in the Venapro System

  • The ingredients used in the Venapro system are the following:
  • Witch Hazel (known to be used to relieve itching and soreness of hemorrhoids)
  • Horse chestnut
  • St. Mary’s thistle
  • Krameria Mapato (a Peruvian root that is often used to treat hemorrhoids and diarrhea)
  • Arnica Montana, or leopard’s bane
  • Fluoride of lime

These ingredients are used in their proprietary blend to resolve the symptoms caused by hemorrhoids.

Arnica montana, the one also called leopard’s bane, comes from a European flowering plant and has been used medicinally for many years.

These are the most powerful and most effective ingredients against hemorrhoids approved by FDA.

And the combination of all these powerful natural ingredients, as it is claimed by the manufacturers, is what creates the highly effective formula against hemorrhoids called Venapro.


How is Venapro Different from Other Hemorrhoid Relief Products?

According to the company, Venapro is made from natural products and is also manufactured in the U.S.A.

The company tells you right out on their website that a 100% cure for hemorrhoids is not possible and therefore, any company claiming they get rid of hemorrhoids altogether is one to stay away from.

Venapro claims 99% efficiency in relieving hemorrhoids.

They don’t say the hemorrhoids are gone (pretty much all of us have them), but the hemorrhoids reduce so that they are no longer swollen and causing problems and discomfort.

But here’s a big difference:

You don’t have to deal with any kind of a mess. It’s not applied directly to the hemorrhoids. Instead, you use the spray from the second step of their system under your tongue, twice a day.

How Does Venapro Work?

Venapro supposedly works through the proprietary blend of natural ingredients and herbs that I listed above, including witch hazel and fluoride of lime, among others.

Hemorrhoids IssuesThe company that manufactures Venapro says their first step, the oral supplement, is meant to help improve colon health.

A healthy Colon can keep you from having digestive problems that make your hemorrhoid symptoms worse.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you know that what’s really on your mind is getting relief.

Venapro’s second step, the spray, is designed to get the medical and soothing herbal ingredients into your system on a regular basis… This simple system is able to totally get rid of hemorrhoids, at least that’s what the facts show everywhere I looked!

They recommend a few other steps hemorrhoid sufferers should take to stay healthy. If you’ve suffered from hemorrhoids before, you probably know all about these, things like drinking plenty of water and getting a halfway decent amount of fiber in your diet.

Major Benefits / Advantages of Venapro

Like I said above, the Venapro Company claims to give you relief from your hemorrhoids without your having to deal with products applied directly to the hemorrhoids. You just spray under your tongue and take their supplement.

This is a major advantage in some people’s minds, and I tend to agree.

Below, you will also see what users thought were the biggest advantages they got from taking Venapro, right from the horse’s mouth. The research I did to find proof of these benefits is in the second section down from here, as you will notice.

Negative Side Effects / Disadvantages of Venapro

There have not been negative side effects found from using Venapro. You should keep in mind that, like any medication, it could interfere with other medications you might be taking.

Horse chestnut and Arnica Herbs can disrupt the way anticoagulants and Coumarin work, according to PDR for Herbal Medicines.

Venapro Natural IngredientsSo if you are taking anticoagulants it is recommended that you wait until the treatment is over before taking Venapro.

Not because it is dangerous, but because the anticoagulants will not work as effectively as they should if you take them together with Venapro.

If you are taking any other medications, and as always, consult with your doctor before starting something new.

Be sure to follow the package instructions as well.

Too much of any one of the natural ingredients and herbs could do more harm than good, so don’t do more than what the company recommends… They insist that the recommended doses will work the best.

A Study by The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center has just confirmed that there are NO negative side effects from taking Arnica Montana orally… unless, of course, you overdose…

So it is very comforting to us, hemorrhoid sufferers, to know that we can take advantage of this HIGHLY effective ingredient without any possible side effects.

Is There Proof or Testimonials from Real Venapro Users?

I think it’s very important to find out what users have said before I buy a product.

I want to know what they went through, what to look out for, and anything about how it works that might surprise me. So I looked for reviews from actual users that didn’t come from the company’s website itself.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Venapro has a 4 1/2-star rating in most blogs and forums that I came across. Many users actually call it a “miracle product”…

One user actually went as far as to call it God’s Herb in her review title and went on to say:

Venapro Reviews“I used the product for 4 months and never had a setback and it’s been 2 years and 1 pregnancy. Can’t rave more about this product and I was real septic in the beginning.”
Maryn, Alabama.

Another person said:

“In a week, I felt relief and in two I had no signs of hemorrhoids, after 4 years I can confidently certify that Venapro actually does the trick every single time!”
Linda, Indiana.

There were several more like this… I also looked into advice on forums and found this user’s comment in response to another user’s distress:

“If you are searching for natural and non-surgical option to get rid of hemorrhoids, at present, Venapro Program could be a better option for you. It’s both programs don’t include any topical application of cream and lotion to the anal region. Simply spray and take the supplement and I promise Venapro Happy Useryou, it does work.”
Caroline Brown, New York

On the other hand, I also find one user ‘Not too happy because he was expecting faster results, this is his testimony:

“Venapro was not as effective for me as most people claim, in fact, it took over a month to totally get rid of all my hemorrhoids, I was expecting it would work faster.”
Jeremy, Florida.

Venapro Studies / Trials / University & Clinical Studies

The company website claims that Venapro has been clinically tested to be 100% safe. Clinical trials have been run on the natural medicinal herbs and ingredients in the Venapro product.  I’ve put summaries of a couple of them just below.

Venapro Clinica StudiesThe Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy, in 2012, published a study on the effectiveness of horse chestnut seed extract in treating chronic venous insufficiency (a condition of the veins that can involve hemorrhoids).

Results showed that Horse Chestnut Seed Extract worked better than a placebo and was supported by the research.

St. Mary’s Thistle has been shown to decrease the discomfort of itching skin in clinical studies. Itchiness is often one of the more unpleasant effects of hemorrhoids.

Witch hazel has been used for a very long time to help hemorrhoid sufferers by relieving itchiness and discomfort.

Not only do consumers report relief from using Witch Hazel, but doctors also recommend its use.  You can see what some of the experts say in my next section.

What Do the Experts Have to Say?

The natural ingredients used in Venapro have long been used by expert homeopaths for symptoms that occur with hemorrhoids.

Mayo Clinic tells hemorrhoid sufferers with mild discomfort they can use over the counter products that contain Witch Hazel or Horse Chestnut.

According to most medical experts in the field, these over the counter products, along with keeping (gently) clean, might be the only treatment needed. Witch hazel and Horse Chestnut, of course, are two of the main ingredients in Venapro’s solution.

My Conclusion / Final Thoughts

conclusionIn summary, I ended up finding a lot of surprisingly positive information about Venapro and its natural ingredients.

The combination of the most powerful hemorrhoids ingredients seems to make Venapro a very effective alternative against hemorrhoids.

The user ratings were a good sign that something about it was really working for them, and the ingredients used in Venapro have been used by people for many years who suffer from this condition.

The company’s recommendations on their website make sense to me as a good treatment for hemorrhoids.

Where to Buy Venapro Cheaply and Safely

First of all, when you’re deciding where to purchase something, be sure you know something about the website so you know that you’re going to get what you ordered.

Unfortunately, there can be scam websites for health products, so be careful where you order.

There are a lot of sites offering Venapro throughout the internet but be very careful because most of those sites are selling and shipping fake products that contain very little or no ingredients of the Venapro formula.

I read comments from many people complaining that they have been scammed ordering from pirate’s sites…

Many of them received cheap imitations and many of them didn’t even get what they order, so make sure you don’t fall prey of those unscrupulous scumbags, just order from the Official Website, here is a link: Venapro Manufacturer Official Website.

****WARNING!!!**** Don’t Fall Prey of Scams


Another thing I must warn you about is from ordering from

Yes, I must admit that I usually order my products from Amazon, but when it comes to natural products, then that’s when we need to be careful…

I discovered that Amazon actually doesn’t distribute or ship natural products, they instead rely on third parties to do it for them.

These people are allowed to list their products on Amazon and we obviously think they are sold by Amazon, but through my research, I discovered that just about everybody can list anything on and Amazon don’t even bother to scrutinize or investigate who these people are…

in fact, I went even further and registered a new seller account on Amazon and listed “a fictitious product” for sale in just minutes…

Shocking, ah! Obviously, as the complaints start to pile up, they get rid of the scammers, but they keep coming by the truckloads…

Anyways, why take the risk if we can find the real product in the Manufacturer Website at the same or even at a lower price because they are the ones who actually make the product

So if you see somebody else selling cheaper than the manufacturer website itself, it is very smart to be suspicious!

Only Get Venapro from the Official Manufacturer Site

venapro-official-websiteThe best and smartest decision is to only purchase from the Manufacturer Official Website…

I found out that they have been in business for over 20 years and it is one of the most US reputable Natural Supplements manufacturers…

They apparently have a very big fan based followers gained through years of offering reliable products.

One thing I noticed on the Official Venapro website is that you can get one free bottle with select packages… they also have a money-back guarantee, and their ordering process takes place on a 128-bit SSL secure site.

Right now there is a limited time offer to buy a 3 month supply and get 3 free, along with a different offer to buy a 2 month supply and get 1 free.

Even though they have these attractive offers what I’d recommend is that you get just one month supply to test it out and to see how it works on you… and if you are not happy with the results, just send the unused part of the product for a total refund,

On the official Venapro website, you can use one of several kinds of credit cards or choose PayPal. With all those payment methods, the 128-bit security, and a money-back guarantee, I would choose the official website to order Venapro.

if you decide to try Venapro yourself, go to the Manufacturer Official Website, by Clicking Here!


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venapro-reviewsIn summary, I ended up finding a lot of surprisingly positive information about Venapro and its natural ingredients. The combination of the most powerful hemorrhoids ingredients seems to make Venapro a very effective alternative against hemorrhoids.


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