Apples May Be Very Harmful: You’d Better Think Twice Before You Eat Another Apple


Apples: All You Need to Know

Would you have ever imagined that apples may be harmful to you? Apples are said to be healthy and good for the body. This is not the case. Apples may put your health at risk in many ways.

Yes, it’s not a joke, apples may be harmful, they will not keep the doctor away like you may have thought. A part of the apple can even be deadly.

The apples are covered with pesticide residue and allergens that may harm your health. There are some risks involving apples and some tips to lower the risks.

The Seeds of Apple are Toxic

The apple seeds contain amygdalin which if they are crushed or chewed can create cyanide. This is a defense of the apple since the cyanide will affect the supply of oxygen that reach the cells.

If you eat a large number of apple seeds you can die within a couple of minutes. The cyanide will not form unless the seeds are crushed up. If you accidentally ingest an apple seed you will not die.

You may experience a feeling of dizziness, weakness, a headache, confusion, vomiting, nausea, or cramps. This will happen if you bite the seed and released the toxins.

Swallowing the seed that is not crushed will often pass through the digestive system and will not be digested by the body. As long as you do not swallow more than a seed or two, you should be okay.

Apples Have a Waxy Covering

Apple produces a natural way that is washed off before being sent to the store. Synthetic wax is placed on the apple to allow it to look glossy.

This makes the apples look fresh even if they are not. You may be purchasing an apple that has gone bad and may not even know it.

While this coating is said to be safe there are been some health issues reported.

There have been reports of respiratory distress, infections, and ulcers after eating the apple.

The coating holds in pesticides and it is difficult to wash them off.

This coasting is used in both organic and non-organic apples. There are some apple brands that do not use a waxy coating. You will need to do some research to find the brand near you that do not have a coating.

Apple Juice is Dangerous

If you try to eat natural foods you think you are doing something good for your help. When it comes to unpasteurized apple juice or apple cider vinegar the consequences can be dangerous.

There have been reports of E-Coli and cryptosporidium that are a result of these apple products. Children, elder adults, women that are pregnant, and those with a compromised immune system should only consume pasteurized apple products.

If you are not sure if the product is pasteurized or unpasteurized do not consume it.

Apples Contain Pesticides

According to the Environmental Working Group apples make the dirty dozen list for foods that are high in pesticides.

Apples have been at the top of this list for more than five years. Pesticides are used to keep the bugs off of the fruit while it grows.

While it is effective at killing bugs, it is also harmful to the human body. Since apples have a waxy coating the pesticides are not easy to wash off.

Organic apples may be a better option but they are often expensive.

Pesticides can lead to nausea, diarrhea, a headache, allergies, infections of the respiratory tract, loss of consciousness, and seizures.

Apples Prevent Weight Loss

While you may think that apples are needed for good health and weight loss, apples do not help you lose weight..

Apples may make it harder for you to lose weight.

Apples are high in carbs. These carbs may not be simple carbs but they will lead to an increase in blood sugar.

They are fuel for the body and this energy does not allow the body to burn off fat. The fiber found in apples can lead to a feeling of being bloated and may lead to gas.

This may make you look heavier. Please share this article to help you make your loved ones aware of the dangers of eating apples.

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