17 Little Known Weight Loss Hacks that Actually Work [Evidence-Based]


17 Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work

There are many myths associated with weight. You get advice to do a million and one things without knowing if they work or not. However, many experts have discovered several effective ways to reduce fat that are highly effective and easy to follow.

The Following 17 Evidence-Based Tips Will Help You Lose Weight Very Fast:

1. Drink Water Before  Your Meals

It has been shown that drinking water leads to a significant loss of weight. It results in a 44% weight loss relative to those that did not take water.

A study demonstrated that taking 17 ounces (0.5 liters) of water approximately 0.5 hours prior to eating will help you take fewer calories.

Drinking water results in loss of weight because it increases metabolism by between 24% and 30% over 1 to 1.5 hours period which helps you in burning off calories.

2. Drinking Green Tea

Green tea, just like coffee, has numerous benefits including loss of weight. Drink as much tea and coffee as you can.

Caffeine in tea and coffee helps by boosting your metabolism by between 3% and 11%.

Although green tea has traces of caffeine, it contains Catechin which is a powerful antioxidant.

Catechins and caffeine work synergistically to burn fat. Studies demonstrate that green tea enhances loss of weight either as green tea extract supplement or as a beverage.

3. Keep Healthy Food Around In Case You Get Hungry

If you keep healthy food close to you, it will help you avoid eating unhealthy food more so when you are hungrier.

Simple to prepare and easy to carry healthy snacks include nuts, whole fruits, baby carrots, hard-boiled eggs, and yogurt.

4. Intermittent Fasting

This is a popular method of fasting where you alternate periods of eating with periods of fasting.

There are short-term studies comparing the effectiveness of intermittent fasting to continuous calorie restriction in weight loss.

Also, intermittent fasting addresses challenge losing muscle mass that is caused by low-calorie diets. There is a need for better-quality studies to back this claim more.

5. Eat Less Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates are grains and sugar whose fibrous, nutritious components have been removed.

They include pasta and white bread.

Studies show that after taking refined carbs there is rapid spiking of blood sugar followed by a period of cravings, hunger, as well as increased food intake.

Taking refined carbs is strongly associated with obesity. Ensure you eat carbs plus their natural fibers

6. Use Smaller Plates

It has been shown that you consume fewer calories when taking meals in smaller plates. However, this does not work for everybody. It works significantly if you are overweight.

7. High-Protein Breakfast

Start your day with a high-protein breakfast. A high-protein breakfast reduces calorie intake and cravings during the entire day.

8. Eat Slowly

It is helpful to eat food slowly because it helps you feel full as well as in boosting your weight-reducing hormones. People who eat fast are more likely to gain weight over time.

9. Eat Soluble Fibres

Different studies have demonstrated that eating soluble fibers can reduce fat, especially around the belly area. Fiber supplement such as glucomannan is very useful.

10. Cut Back on Added Sugar

People tend to take too much added sugar. In the modern diet, added sugar ranks among the worst ingredients.

Studies have strongly associated the consumption of high-fructose corn syrup and sugar with increased risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Reduce added sugar in your diet if you are looking forward to losing weight.

Ensure you read labels carefully because even healthy foods might have high sugar content.

11. Checking Your Weight Daily

Get used to checking your weight on a daily basis. Studies show that if you weigh yourself on a daily basis, you are likely to lose and maintain your weight for long.

12. Sleep Well

Get adequate sleep at night. Sleeping poorly is a major contributing factor to gaining weight. Adequate sleep is very key in losing weight.

13. Consume Whole Food

Whole foods actually help you burn fat. Consider taking the whole, unprocessed foods, these are more filling, healthier and you will be less likely to overeat.

14. Avoid Juice and Sugary Drinks

I bet you already knew this one, but I’m sure you didn’t know that even completely natural fruit juice, without any kind of sugar added will make you gain weight.

Fruit juice and sugary drinks are among the highly fattening foods that you can eat. Avoiding these will greatly enhance your weight loss.

15. Go Low-Carb

This one is not new but is so important that I just can’t leave it out. To enjoy all carb restriction benefits, you must be ultimately committed to taking a low-carb diet.

Studies have shown that a regimen like that can result in between 2 and 3 times loss of weight compared to standard low-fat diet; your health will significantly improve.

16. Counting Calories and Portion Control

This is another one that even though is well known not many people follow, but it is very important not to overlook this one.

It is obvious that counting calories and controlling your portions – meaning eating less- leads to loss of weight.

Several studies show that when you take photos of your meal or keep a food diary, you end up losing weight.

In short, anything that enhances your understanding of your diet will ultimately be beneficial.

17. Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the most overlook causes of obesity. Stress will make you anxious and when you get anxious you tend to crave more often and more uncontrollably.

How Fast Will You Lose Weight If You Follow These Tips?

Expect to shed between 5 and 10 pounds or even more within the first week. You will then lose weight consistently thereafter. Personally, I focus on losing between 3 and 4 pounds every week for several weeks then maintain that strictly.

If you have just started dieting, then you might experience faster weight loss. You will lose weight faster the more weight you intend to lose. You will get a strange feeling at the start as your body switches from burning carbs for a long time to burn fats.

This is referred to as “keto flu” or “low-carb flu”. It mostly takes a few days. It takes 3 days for me. Adding extra salt into your food can be helpful with this. After several days, most people get used to it and start feeling good.

They even get more energy as compared to how they used to feel. There are many other ways that a low-carb diet will improve your health despite a long time of anti-fat hysteria.

These Include:

  • With a low-carb diet, blood sugar will significantly go down.
  • A Low-carb diet also reduces triglycerides
  • It causes a reduction in small and dense LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Increased HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Result in significant improvement in blood pressure
  • Above all, you can follow a low-carb diet as easy as a low-fat diet


You may desire to lose weight but how fast this will occur depends on you, just remember that following a more balanced lifestyle and improving your nutrition will not only help you lose weight but will enhance your health generally, in many other ways. d easy to follow.

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