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The Cinderella Solution Weight Loss ProgramLooking to learn more about the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program?

Trying to find out if it is worth it or it is just a useless diet plan and a set of simple workouts that you can easily find free all over the web?

Then you’re in the right place. Whatever question you may have will be answered in this Cinderella Solution review, I promise…

You probably just watched a video on the CS website and are not sure if the program lives up to their claims, right? I know what you mean because that’s exactly what happen to me a few months ago…

But don’t worry, I did the homework for you. I researched the product thoroughly, went all over the web searching for user feedback in forums, groups, fan pages, blogs, and weight loss communities, then I bought it and tried, and then finally wrote this post…

This is a comprehensive, fact-based, and totally objective review… Here you will find all you need to know, the good and the bad, what I didn’t like, problems with the program, etc.

Basically, everything that is to know about this popular program will be covered in this post, and if you know me you know I always deliver on my promises, so let’s go…


In simple terms, Cinderella is a weight-loss solution that is designed specifically for women. In fact, it is for women over 30 who are looking to shed at least 10 pounds.

The Cinderella solution, however, doesn’t focus on old methods used in traditional weight loss solutions. Instead, it focuses on internal changes, on your metabolic rate, and on the reactions, your body has to the food that you eat.

The creator of the program is Carly Donovan. It is presented in eBook format, giving the reader an easy to digest guide on weight loss and shedding of unwanted pounds.

The program is divided up into four different phases; the user of the program must follow the list of weight-loss regimes for successful weight loss. The entire program is simple, easy, and really achievable for all women over 30 that are desperate to shed extra pounds.

The focus of the Cinderella Solution is on the transition of hormones that occur naturally in the woman’s body, right from puberty and up to menopause.

These hormones directly affect the production of fat cells in the body and therefore play a crucial role in body-weight management. They also have an important impact on the metabolic rate and overall metabolism of the individual.

One of the best benefits of the program is that you don’t need to take supplements or pills that could potentially interfere with normal hormonal function.

What the Cinderella Solution does instead is get the user to become actively engaged in workouts and a diet that will guarantee the rapid burning of fat.

The program is proven to strengthen overall metabolism, allowing you to get into shape and also improve your bodily functions.


The creator of this unique diet, Carly Donovan isn’t a faux doctor or a self-help guru. Neither does she claim to have all the answers. Carly is a real woman who has struggled with her weight in the same way that users of her program do.

Before developing the program, Carly was a fitness instructor and a fairly active woman.

However, despite the fact that Carly was active and fit, as she got older, she started to gain weight. Over time, Carly actually gained more than 100 pounds, going on to be diagnosed as diabetic. On being diagnosed with diabetes, Carly set out to find a solution, going on to create the Cinderella Solution.

All the concepts of her new weight loss program came directly from her own discoveries. She gained a better understanding of how hormones play a role in weight gain, and on doing so; she sought out new ways to live. At this stage, targeted exercises and food pairings came into the mix.

Eventually, Carly lost nearly all the 100 pounds that she had gained, adopting the new techniques that she learned along the way.

In creating the Cinderella Solution, Carly is sharing all her findings and information with women who are in the same situation she was in before, struggling and battling with their weight.

Why Is the Cinderella Solution Different


What really makes Cinderella Solution a lot different from other diets and weight loss programs you find today is that it is not designed for everyone.

There is a very common misconception amongst those who are trying to lose weight. This misconception is that in order to lose fat you simply need to eat fewer calories than those you burn off.

The truth is that is a rather simplified answer to a rather more complex situation.

Most people gain and lose weight in different ways.

When it comes to how your own body reacts to your diet, there are several factors involved. Two of the key and most important of these factors are hormone production and age.

Metabolism is definitely one of, if not the most significant part of any weight loss plan. Your metabolism is basically to all the chemical reactions that take place inside the body.

There are actually two different kinds of metabolism

The first of these is Anabolism. Anabolism is the process responsible for taking nutrients out of the food we ingest and synthesizing them into the necessary compounds our cells require to live.

The second type of metabolism is catabolism. This is the part that provides the body with the energy it needs.

So, how do we go about losing weight?

Our body always burns calories, yes, even when we are asleep. But the rate at which your body burns calories will differ from the next person and the next; we all burn calories at different rates.

The rate at which the body uses energy and burns calories depends on several things. Genetics, unfortunately, you can’t change; but there are ways you can modify how the body handles the hormones that it has.

Cinderella Solution is a solution that is aimed to help women and only women, the plan tackling the specific problems that women face when trying to lose weight.

The goal when trying to lose weight effectively is to kick start your metabolism. When you do so, your body will continue to burn fat naturally. Carly understands that no one has time to do intense workouts every day or count all the calories they take in.

The Cinderella Solution provides you with instructions that are easy to follow and are perfectly easy to manage in the long term. Asides this bonus, the plan is totally healthy and there are no known risks involved with following it in the long term.

There are three key areas of the Cinderella Solution.

These three areas are targeted exercises, healthy food pairings, and hormonal changes.


Irregularities in body weight in women can be the result of the transition of hormones. This, in turn, leads to the accumulation of fat in the body.

The Cinderella Solution neutralizes the effects of known hormonal imbalances, these imbalances on the system spanning from puberty right through to menopause.

The plan also provides you with insight on how workouts and specific diets can help manage levels of hormones in the body, in turn, regulating your body weight.

When you use the program, you will achieve your ideal weight by focusing on workout and food, not just rigorous exercise regimes that you will soon tire of.


This is a very important part of this Cinderella Solution review because this is where everything comes from and how the creator ended up here, so don’t miss it…

Whilst developing the program, Carly Donovan investigated and analyzed different countries around the world and the lifestyles of the people therein.

There is a significant difference in the lifestyle of the average American and the average citizen of Italy, Japan, or Spain. Something here just does not add up.

Women in France, Spain, Italy, and Japan all appear to eat traditional foods that are high in fat, without getting overweight.

The author of the Cinderella Solution was on a mission; a mission to find out why. One of her findings was that Japan is today one of the top counties in the entire world when it comes to health. Some people believe the Shoku-Iku is responsible for all this.

Shoku-Iku is a bunch of guidelines on nutrition that were set out by Japanese authorities in 2005. These intentions of these guidelines are to overcome the effects of westernized foods we’re having on the nation.

This way of planning what you eat involves educating people about where food comes from and the effects it has on the body. Food pairings are a big part of Shoku-Iku.

How Food Pairings Work

The real drive behind the Cinderella Solution is the concept of food pairings.

Included in the Cinderella Solution is a collection of Shoku-Iku-inspired recipes. You will also find details about how to apply the same dieting techniques with foods that you habitually eat and love.

The pairings of food are meant to improve our bodies, starting from deep inside. You can great recipes to prepare starchy favorites like bread and pasta with spices and superfoods.

You’ll also see how to implement certain ingredients into your own cookery, with lots of information to mirror the Japanese way of thinking.

The Cinderella diet isn’t difficult and you won’t be calorie counting all day. The hormonal efficiency will improve, and new pairings of food will change your bodily reactions.

Some of the recipes in the program aid in digestion, others help you feel full, and both helping you lose weight in the long run.


Targeted workouts are part of the Cinderella plan, but not in the same way you normally find grueling workouts.

The majority of the exercises in the plan don’t require any equipment and they only take a couple of minutes to do. At most, you will need a pair of light dumbbells, and you won’t need to go down to the gym either. All the exercises are easy to do and you can perform them in any part of your home.

When it comes to losing weight, men and women couldn’t be more different. Women naturally have more body fat. Whilst women can benefit from the same cardio and strength training as men, this type of workout doesn’t concentrate on the areas that most women are self-conscious about.

The Cinderella Solutions workouts focus on the hips, buttocks, and abdomen. There were all designed by professionals in the fitness industry; this will give you the peace of mind you need. The workouts will work in two ways; in burning fat and also in increasing metabolism.

What makes it even better is that we can get access to all of them in many different ways.

Contained in the eBook is a guide that will get you started, detailing each movement in the correct order, ensuring you achieve maximum results; you will also get access to online videos.

Cinderella Solution At Home Workouts


What makes the Cinderella diet even cooler is that you can adapt it to your own needs. The Cinderella Solution is a long term weight loss plan. But, you need to start somewhere, and this somewhere is in kick-starting your hormones so that your metabolism will improve.

The Cinderella Plan is designed to last for 28 days, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t follow the plan and repeat it time and time again.

In order to make the program even more manageable, the 28-day plan is split into two phases.

Ignition Phase

This phase covers the first two weeks. In these weeks you will get familiar with the basis of this plan. You will have access to 3 specially designed recipes for each day of the plan, found in your eBook. All these recipes use the same food-pairing methods we already discussed.

The Launch

The second part of the program is the launch phase, there being both similarities and noticeable differences in the second phase of the program.

During this phase, instead of getting 3 meals a day, you will eat 4 smaller means. This ensures that the changes you made to your metabolism during the first phase are maintained.

The workouts in the second phase are also different There are specially developed to make you shift hidden fat, and preventing the body from developing new fat.


I was surprised that many of the Cinderella solution reviews I read don’t cover this part. I think it doesn’t make any sense since what is inside the program is the reason most of you are here for… So let’s see what’s inside…

The Cinderella Solution program comes in PDF format. You will gain complete access to the entire package when you purchase the plan.

The Owner Manual

This is basically the heart of the program and outlines all the main points. Here is where you will find examples of food pairs, alongside tips on how to personalize the meals you eat.

You will also find some great info here about the relationship between metabolism and weight loss and the role food pairing plays in successful weight loss.

Quick Start

For women who are constantly on the move, this quick start manual can be used for reference instead of the owner manual; it is essentially a shortened version. It allows you to get you going ASAP on your weight loss plan, even before you’ve had time to go through and read the whole manual.

Movement Sequencing

Here you will find some workouts you can get started with, with detailed instructions to do it properly. You will also find details on what equipment you will need, albeit minimal, to carry out all the exercises.

Exercise Training Videos

If what you are after if visual stimuli, then this part is for you. Here you will find 50+ videos, covering the activities you have read about in the mentioned movement-sequencing part.

Playbook of Recipes

During the program, all the meals you should eat are carefully planned for you. In the playbook, you will find custom recipes and blueprints to suit your dietary preferences and tastes.

The Accelerator Package

This package is offered alongside the Cinderella Solution. It contains more recipes and workouts for those women who really want to take the diet plan to the next level.

This supplementary information can be used in conjunction or separately from the plan for the first 4 weeks.

Cinderella Solution Reviews


The user feedback that we found from the Cinderella Solution Program was mostly positive. We checked all over the internet and found only a few users that were not satisfied with the system.

This is however suggestive because there is actually no way to know for sure if those users really followed the guidelines of the program, so we took those negative feedback with a grain of salt.

We also realized that most comments, feedback, and reviews in forums, Facebook fan pages, blogs, and weight loss communities were also very positive in general.

However, we also found a post in one blog that was very negative. When we revised the entire blog we realized that he does this with almost every popular weight loss pill and weight loss program out there.

This is what he does; he creates negative blog posts of the most popular products out there, he goes on to say awful things about the product, but at the end of the post he pitches or recommends some similar products he owns or has a business partnership with.

I think this a very dishonest and horrible way not just to market but also to misinform people only to get monetary gains. So be careful where you get your information from.


There are loads of reasons why you should give the Cinderella Solution a try. It doesn’t involve taking pills or extreme workouts, and plenty of women have seen real results from following the plan.

The concepts of the plan are scientifically based, concentrating more on internal changes that are needed in order to lose weight, and instead of outside contributory factors.

The final results of this are that women are finally able to gain and maintain the figure they had in their youth when they are over 30, or even over 50!

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