HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training Revealed – All You Need to Know!


High-Intensity Interval Training 101

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) is a workout technique that alternates between two intensity phases i.e. recovery and high-intensity phase.

During the recovery phase, your maximum heart rate will range between 40% and 50% while your maximum heart rate (MHR) will range between 80% and 85% during the high-intensity phase.

Although there is no universal HIIT session duration, the intense training takes less than 30 minutes, with the training duration varying depending on the fitness level of the participant.

HIIT workout is mainly used to build participant’s stamina, speed, endurance, and strength.

Is HIIT for Everyone?

Normally, HIIT is recommended to people who are healthy because it entails intensive workouts.

TIP: If you are healthy and you are looking to lose weight fast, HIIT is the ideal workout technique.

However, if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure or any other related disease, it is advisable to seek professional advice/directions from your doctor.

With this training technique, you can halve your workout time and still achieve double the results because if you work out at higher intensities, you increase your metabolism and thus burn more calories.

However, you need to be dedicated, hardworking and disciplined to achieve desired results.

Why Does HIIT Work?

HIIT is efficient because it influences your physical performance so that you can burn more calories in a short period of time. In fact, a single HIIT exercise lasts a few minutes and its benefits are enormous depending on how you do it.Within this short period of time, your body will alternate between short periods of anaerobic exercises along with fewer recovery periods. You will have to repeat these exercises until you are too exhausted to continue.

NOTE: Although people complain that HIIT is tough, it is normal
because the training exercise is designed that way.

HIIT is designed to replace steady-state exercises because it provides numerous benefits that cannot be achieved using conventional, single-intensity workouts.

If you are exercising alone and you are feeling tired or anxious to continue, having a fitness partner can make all the difference. You may not only motivate each other but also work out as a team making the entire workout session fun and bearable.

What Are the Advantages of HIIT?

Besides having longer duration exercise in a short period of time, HIIT may also provide other unique benefits including the following:

1. Burn a lot of calories in a short period of time since you will be alternating between high-intensity periods and recovery, you end up burning more calories that you do in a steady-pace run.

2. Healthier heart and lungs most people are not used to pushing the anaerobic zone. However, HIIT gives you an opportunity to push your heart and lungs to their extreme. As a result, you will have a healthier heart and lungs because the two will adapt to perform at a higher level.

3. You do not need any special equipment biking, running, jump roping and rowing are good for HIIT although you don’t need any equipment for the workout sessions.

You just need to focus on the exercises that push your heart to its max without using the equipment. In fact, some of the equipment like dumbbells and other highly used gear can actually make high-intensity interval training less effective.

4. Increases your metabolismin addition to burning fat and preserving the muscles, HIIT stimulates the production of human growth hormone (HGH). The HGH not only increases the rate of burning calories but also slows down the aging process because it increases your body metabolism.

5. You can do it anywherefirst, the training exercises do not necessarily require any equipment. Therefore, you can exercise from anywhere provided you’ve got the right gear, motivation and time.

Secondly, the entire workout is not complicated because it only requires intensive workouts and recovery running for a short period of time. You may require little space and time to achieve all your objectives.

6. You might gain musclesusing HIIT does not necessarily mean that you will lose weight and muscles. You might end up gaining some muscles especially if you were less active earlier long. It is also important to understand that gain in muscle is primarily on the muscles being used the most e.g. the legs and trunk.

7. It can reduce heart rate and blood pressureobese and overweight individuals who usually have blood pressure and a high heart rate can benefit from HIIT greatly. The high intense workouts push the heart to its max enabling the participant to increase his/her metabolism, have a healthy heart and reduce blood pressure through extreme workouts.

HIIT is a very efficient way to exercise, and it may help you burn more calories than you would use other forms of exercises.Therefore, HIIT produces numerous benefits although in a shorter period of time. Finally, if you are looking to know more about HIIT, consider watching online videos and reading online articles about HIIT.

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