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Leptitox ReviewsSince you’re already here I will assume that you are looking for more information regarding the highly popular weight loss supplement Leptitox…

You probably ended up watching a video on the Leptitox website and want to know if this product is as good as it appears to be, right? If this is the real thing or just one of those 100’s products out there that come and go every single day…

Then, I’m glad you’re here because I just finished this comprehensive, fact-based, and completely objective Leptitox review where you’ll find every single thing you need to know about it.

First, let me be clear, this is not one of those posts where you’ll only find good things about a product and how it will magically make you lose dozens of pounds in just a couple of weeks…

NOT, this is a completely objective analysis where you will know the good and the bad, the pros and cons, negative side effects, etc… I will layout EVERYTHING to you, only the facts, as I always do…

So, in advance, this is not a magic supplement, it is not a bad product, but is not perfect, in fact, far from it, but we’ll talk more about this later, let’s start with the basics so we all are on the same page, should we?


Leptitox is a naturally formulated weight loss supplement, it means that doesn’t have any chemicals or dyes, which is a good start.

Its creator, Morgan Hurst, hand-picked 22 natural ingredients to come up with a weight-loss solution that is both safe and that really works.

These 22 ingredients include natural nutrients and natural detoxifying plant extracts.

Leptitox provides a solution for your body’s resistance to Leptin. Resistance to leptin is one of the main reasons that your body accumulates unwanted fat cells.

The natural ingredients of this supplement will improve your overall health, whilst helping to burn excess body fat.


Leptitox will help strengthen your body’s natural immune system, as well as improving the functions of vital organs and energy levels.

One of the main reasons for the success of the supplement is that it contains no artificial additives or synthetic ingredients. This lack of synthetic ingredients is of significant benefit and reduces the risk of unwanted side effects.

However, having said this, the results and effects of Leptitox do differ from one user to the next.

The supplement does work differently for different users. So, there is one uncertain factor when considering buying the supplement; you won’t know how well it will work for you until you try it.


The formula contained in the supplement Lepitiox works by regulating the levels of the hormone you have in your body. Leptin is the hormone responsible for the production and storage of fat in your body.

So, in order to understand how the supplement could work for you, you need to first understand more about the hormone Leptin and its nature.

The primary place for the production of Leptin is in the adipose cells and enterocytes. Both of these are found in your small intestines.

The hormone is responsible for regulating your energy levels as well as for maintaining a balance between the intake of food, your appetite, and the production of fat.

The hormone is also useful for curbing food cravings. It reduces fat storage in the adipocytes, thus going on to prevent both over-eating and starving.

A major factor behind being overweight or obese is your body’s resistance to leptin. Increased or decreased resistance can be due to various biological factors.

An imbalance in the level of the hormone in your body can lead to the system’s failure to utilize stored and excess fat as a source of energy. In turn, your body will go on to store more and more excess fat, consequently leading to obesity.

What is happening here is that your brain is failing to recognize the signals that are being sent to tell it that you have excess fat storage. In turn, your body thinks it is actually starving.

You will experience hunger pangs that will drive you to continue eating, leading to even more fat being stored in the body.

Reasons for a Leptin Imbalance

There are various chemicals that can lead to an imbalance and consequent resistance to leptin in your body. Some of the most common are:

  • –Tributyltin (TBT) This chemical is found in pesticides, vinyl products, and paint
  • –Bisphenol A (BPA) This chemical is found in canned food and drink and is commonly found to be endocrine-disrupting
  • –Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) This chemical is present in Teflon cookware products

If the above chemicals are introduced into your bloodstream, your brains’ ability to detect leptin is impaired, in turn making you feel hungrier. In turn, you will overeat, and your BMI will go up.

Leptitox Natural Ingredients


The ingredients are the most important part of any product review, so this Leptitox review will not make any sense if we don’t talk extensively about the ingredients, so let’s get to it…

Below is a breakdown of the main ingredients you will find in this supplement that is guaranteed to get you back into great shape:

Marian Thistle: These ingredients help in the detoxification process of BPA compounds that disrupt the normal functions of your endocrine system

Jujube: The main use of this ingredient is to detoxify the ZEA endocrine-disrupter that is known to cause a leptin imbalance.

Brassicas: This ingredient is rich in cysteine, a vital nutrient that is responsible for the production of glutathione, a major antioxidant. It is much like broccoli.

Apium Graveolens Seeds: This ingredient of the supplement works by detoxifying the EDC (endocrine-disrupting chemical) DEHP that can be found in a wide range of plastic products

Grape Seed: Grape seed works by removing the harmful EDC cadmium, which is sometimes found in cereals, nuts, and vegetables.

Chanca Piedra: This is a plant-based ingredient that contains a whole range of antioxidants. It improves kidney function and digestions, supports healthy inflammation response, and detoxifies EDCs.

Alfalfa: This ingredient replenishes vitamins in the body as well as providing health benefits for the liver.

Taraxacum Leaves: It protects and improves bone health and cleanses the liver, due to its high vitamin K content

Barberry: Barberry is a plant with rich berberine content. It prevents the accumulation of fat, whilst also helping to maintain healthy brain function and cholesterol levels.


Two pills of the supplement should be taken on a daily basis, with water, one before your first meal and the other before your last meal of the day.

To ensure you reap the benefits of the supplement, you should also try to stick to a healthy and balanced diet and a regime of workouts.

For my own routine, I did some yoga, combining it with 30 minutes of cardio every day. I started to see incredible results quite quickly.

There are loads of different types of cardio to choose from that you can include in your regime. If you’re not keen on jogging or running, try cycling or swimming, or even weight lifting.


Due to the natural ingredients of Leptitox, there are no known side-effects from any of its users to date. In addition to this, the supplement is manufactured on GMP-certified facilities and is FDA-approved.

The formula goes through strict quality control procedures as well as screenings before it is dispatched. This ensures that the high quality is always maintained

You should, however, avoid taking the supplement if you have a known allergy to any of its ingredients. If you experience any negative side-effects, withdraw the use of the supplement immediately.

If you are currently on medication or have an underlying medical condition, consult your physician before taking Leptitox.



  • Leptitox reduces resistance to leptin, in turn, regulation the levels of the hormone in the body that control the production of fat.
  • There are few or no known side effects of the supplement as it is made of only natural ingredients.
  • Leptitiox aids thermogenesis. This, in turn, allows for the rapid burning of fat in your body.
  • Leptitox helps improve your general levels of energy, allowing you to enjoy longer workouts.
  • It improves the functions of both the immune system and vital organs.
  • Leptitox improves your metabolism; this is a knock-on effect you will notice as Leptitox helps to successfully detoxify your body of harmful substances.
  • The supplement comes with a sixty-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you will get your money back, in full.


  • Although I enjoyed many significant benefits from taking the supplement, I did have a few personal issues with it.
  • Firstly, without a workout and strict regime, you won’t see maximum results. In fact, even with my regime, it took quite a while for me to start seeing the results.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the effect you will see from taking the supplement will vary from one person to the next. No two people will reap the same benefits; it all depends on your own individual physiological functions.
  • The supplement does not come cheap; most especially if you intend to use it over a lengthy period of time.


What are other users saying about Leptitox? Well, to be honest, we spent many hours searching around the internet for every kind of social group we could…

We visited forums, Facebook fan pages, Reddit threads, Reputable Weight Loss Blogs, etc. searching for positive and negative feedback about Leptitox, and to our surprise, in most cases the user feedback was positive…

Yes, we found some users that claim that the product did not work for then as promised, but when we looked deeper we found that in many cases they did not follow the instructions or did not use the product for enough time to see results.

Of course, we found a few users that claimed that the product doesn’t work, but the cases were very scattered… And to tell the truth, no product will ever work for everyone, this is just the way things are!

So I was in fact, expecting many more people in this group. But, as I said before, to my surprise just a few users were unhappy with their experiences…

We also found one website saying horrible things about Leptitox, but when we looked hard we realized they do this with many other products, and their only intention is to badmouth some popular products in order to pitch you some of their own products at the end of the post…

I think it is very low and very bad marketing and tell what kind of person you are when you think you have to bash a product in order to recommend the one that will give you more profit to you. Very sad!


I took the supplement for four months before I took a two-week break. I worked out regularly and followed a not-too-strict weight loss diet.

By the end of my four-month trial, I had managed to shed 10kg. I was also starting to benefit from higher energy levels and overall improved health. Even my mood was lighter, and I started to feel more positive about myself and life in general.

My workouts gradually lengthened and became harder, meaning, that I started to burn more unwanted body fat.


Most Leptitox Reviews will conclude by telling you how wonderful is the product and that you need to get your hands in it right away, but not me, as I told you at the beginning this is a totally objective review and I will finish the same way, totally objective…

Being overweight can mean both health complications and cruel stares from the public eye. If you become obese and do nothing about it, you can put your life in danger.

This is one of the reasons why there are so many different supplements and pills and weight loss programs available on the market. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these are ineffective, and many are actually dangerous.

Thankfully, with some research, it is also possible to find high-quality products available on the market that has plenty of positive customer review.

Leptitox delivers on its claims, and it is also a natural and safe way to lose weight.

However, Leptitox is not a magical solution, and you will not see results overnight. It does, however, have the potential to help you, providing you combine it will a decent diet and nutritional plan.


The good news is that if you are not entirely satisfied with your supplement, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Providing you return the product within the time period stated in the guarantee, you will get a full refund. This means that you can try the product, safe in the knowledge that if it doesn’t work, you can get your money back.

Additionally, to save money on the price of your supplement, the brand offers bonuses and discounts on its value packs.

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