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The Lost Book of Remedies ReviewsNowadays there is a drug for every ailment or almost every ailment out there. This can be seen as being coupled to a rise in technology.

So, when you feel a little discomfort or a headache, the first reaction you have is to reach for a painkiller.

This is the reason why I decided to publish this Lost Book of Remedies review.

We have become so reliant on such types of medicines that we have forgotten something extremely important; Mother Nature is also a curer.

Modern medicines have famous and they really have become the one-stop solution for anyone who is feeling sick.

But, what most people don’t know, or even choose to ignore, is that the drugs we take for daily ailments are full of chemicals, many of them that can cause more harm than good.

The majority of such drugs and medicines are palliative; palliative medicines address and mask symptoms, but they very rarely treat the actual cause of the problem.

A book, “The Lost Book of Remedies” has been created by Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis. In this book, there is a list of all the herbal medicines that modern society has all-but-forgotten about. Here is my review of the book and the program; it is an extensive review.

What Is the Lost Book of Remedies?

The book, the lost book of remedies, contains 318 pages, detailing natural healing and natural medicines.

The author of the book is Claude Davis, the book designed to help you both prevent and treat disease, using natural remedies and medicines that you can find at home, in your garden or backyard.

Once you purchase a copy, you will discover a total of 169 plants; these include mushrooms and lichens that can be found across the North of America and indeed in most parts of the globe.

The book is colorfully illustrated, with pictures of the plants; this makes it easy for the reader to identify them, Asides the images, you will find harvesting information, information about the plants and their edible uses, and even an index of their therapeutic value.

Conventional drugs, drugs that have become the norm nowadays, are known for their dangerous side effect. This is of course not the case with natural plan alternatives. Plants and herbs are safe to use for all people of all ages, the herbs also targeting the root cause of the disease.

Also contained in the book is a Medicinal Reference Guide; this makes it easy to check a disease against the herbs that can be used to treat it.

How Does It Work?

The Lost Book of Remedies is a thorough guide that shows you, step by step, how you can take advantage of the earth’s healing plants and natural medicinal remedies.

When you take time to read the book, you will learn about every medicinal plant there is, as well as its powers, and how to grow and extract them.

The book includes remedies for simple headaches to mental illnesses, to snake bites and wounds. It takes you back to the day before chemical medicines existed, a day when man relied on medicinal plants to cure all ailments.

The Lost Book of Remedies Reviews: The Authors

The Lost Book of Remedies has 2 creators; Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian

Davis is a well-traveled survival expert with more than 3 decades of experience.

Davis was disappointed to see that nowadays, most people lack simple survival skills. He wants to teach people about the healing methods that were used by our ancestors, methods that ensured we remained healthy without the reliance on dangerous drugs.

The book is easy to understand and shows you each and every plant, its medicinal properties, and a guide on how to harness them.

Dr. Nicole Apelian is a biologist, mother, herbalist, and a survival skills instructor. She has a Biology degree from McGill University in Canada and also a Masters in Ecology, graduating in Ecology from Oregon University.

She earned her Doctorate whilst working as an ethnobotanist and anthropologist at Prescott College in Botswana.

She has spent many years living close to nature in the Kalahari Desert with the San Bushmen, indigenous people who to this day still live as hunter-gatherers.

Nicole learned many of the natural remedies in the book from the tribe as well as the skills that she teaches and practices today.

In 2015, Nicole was one of the very first women to be selected for the show “Alone” that is aired on the History Channel. She spent and survived 57 days straight, alone, in the wild. She survived from little more than the plants she found there.

What Remedies Are Found in the Book of Remedies?

The book identifies plants and their medicinal value, offering the reader an in-depth discussion.

The plants in the book are grouped into categories depending on their type and location. This allows the reader to easily identify plants and what they can be used to treat.

So that the reader doesn’t need to use any guesswork, there is a clear photo of each plant; this allows for easy identification of all the plants from the garden.

In the book, you will also find information on how to prepare each plant remedy. Depending on the plant, it may need cooking, boiling, or used as a poultice.

When you read the book, you will learn the exact way to use and prepare all the remedies.

Once you have finished learning and reading about the preparation of the remedies, you will be taken on to be shown how to use the remedies for the treatment of the different ailments. You will also find the frequency for each concoction that should be used in order to obtain the best results.

Benefits of the Book

The book is an excellent source for natural remedies for a wide range of ailments

If you are unhappy using chemical and traditional medicines to treat disease, this book can help greatly with the transition to herbal medicine. It is perfect for even the beginner who has no idea about what plants have medicinal value.

The book contains information about plants, their healing properties, and detailed information about which diseases they can cure.

The book helps you learn to appreciate Mother Nature.

As a society, we have become totally dependent on modern medicine, having forgotten about the wonderful medicinal properties of plant extracts.

The book is a great re-introduction to Mother Nature and its’ potent capabilities, ensuring that you start to appreciate the world in which we live.

It Promotes Natural Healing Processes

Using herbal extracts and plant concoctions to get relief for ailments and disease is a great way to encourage natural healing. Once you learn about the benefits of the natural healing process, you will go on to appreciate the effects it has on your body.


The book provides step by step instructions on each plant and the remedies it can be used for.

Natural remedies don’t have any negative side effects. All the remedies and concoctions on the book can be used by anyone, including pregnant women and young children.

The book also provides a guide on growing the medicinal plants at home. This means that in time, you won’t have to spend any money at all and will always have the best and most natural treatment for your ailments at hand.

The e-Book is available instantly; within minutes of paying for it, you can start your reading.


Depending on your geographical location, not all plants will be available. This means that you will have to spend money to purchase them from elsewhere.

However, this is still a cheaper and much safer way to gain access to the remedies you need without the need for often useless drugs you would otherwise be sold over the counter.


You don’t have to be a top scientist to realize that modern medicines are indeed poisonous.

Many drugs are not recommended for pregnant women; this is because the reality is that they are little more than poisonous drugs that cause complications. The bare truth is that these medications are nothing more than dangerous.

What’s more, these over the counter drugs often don’t even treat the root cause of the disease. If you are switching to plant-based drugs, you will want to know which plants to use and how to prepare them for the best results.

This is exactly what you will receive when you invest in the Lost Book of Remedies. The book promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps you understand how to cure your illness naturally. It also comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee.

Bonus Material

When you purchase the book, you’ll also get some great extras.

The first of these is a book that will ensure you can get a medicinal garden going in your own back yard. Once your garden is up and running, you will have a constant supply of natural medicines at home.

This book was written by Clause Davis and is a complementary addition to the Lost Book of Remedies. The book includes tips on how to make the most of the space you have as well as information on soil types and cultivation.

The second bonus comes in the form of the “Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook” This book is all about surviving disaster situation, and is another great complement to the Lost Book of Remedies.

Included in the book you will find twenty remedies that can be used for diseases and common infections you may encounter when in a disaster situation or out in the wild.

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