The Venus Factor Reviewed: Researched & Tested (Full Review)


Venus Factor Weight Loss ProgramWhat Is the Venus Factor Weight Loss Program?

The Venus Factor Diet program is a diet and exercise plan designed for the specific needs of women. It was created by writer and nutritionist John Barban. He has taken the time to research how women lose weight.

This is a 12-week experience and diet program that will help balance the hormones which lead to weight gain and appetite control for women. This approach is designed for the female body and a woman’s hormonal needs.

As the female body ages, the hormones will become unbalanced and this is when a woman will start to get out of shape and have trouble losing weight…

As we become pregnant and start having children this throws out hormones off even more. You will notice that as you age you may have a more difficult time losing weight.

The Venus Factor Review: What’s Behind the System

The Venus Factor includes a diet and exercise plan designed to target the problem areas on the female body.

The workout program will allow you to do it at home if you choose not to go to the gym. You can do it at home if you want to.

Even if you choose not to go to the gym you can still lose weight the first couple of weeks on this program.

When you join this program you will have access to the Venus Factor Community. Other members can help support your weight loss goals.

John will also post the latest weight loss tips, development, and research, and how this new method can help you increase your weight loss. You can use this program to get into the best shape of your life.

If you are looking for a personalized approach to weight loss, then you can have coaching calls with John. He will be able to answer your questions and help you get past any low points while you are losing weight.

You will have the support you need from a community that is in the same position that you are in.

There is so much more to the Venus Factor.

How Does the  Program Work?

John did some research on weight loss for women. He found that when it came to losing weight many women did not have the proper levels of leptin in her system.

This hormone will help the body burn fat. If it is lacking it can lead to weight gain. You will be able to get your hormones back in balance.

As a woman gets older and has children the body becomes resistant to leptin. When this happens, the body stores the fat instead of burning it off. The body will hold onto the fat and will not burn it as easily as it once did.

There are some reasons why females need a different approach to weight loss than men.

Different hormone levels- women have the fat-burning hormone leptin in higher levels than men. Women have also twice as much leptin as men do.

Resistance- the female body is resistant to weight loss and resists most efforts to lose weight.

Quick fall- if a woman has to fast as part of the diet the leptin levels will drop.

John calls these discoveries the Metabolic Override. This will help boost the levels of leptin and help a woman respond to these levels.

There are even cheat days allowed as part of this diet because it works so well. You can enjoy a sweet treat now and then and still lose weight.

The Venus Factor will help reverse the leptin resistance that many women experience. It will do so by exercise and a diet program that will last for 12 weeks.

What Is Inside the Venus Factor Program

There are five parts of the Venus Factor Weight Loss:

1. Fat Loss Guide

This guide will learn about foods that will increase leptin resistance such as sugary foods and low liber carbs. It will also give tips on how to avoid these foods.

There are also foods to eat that will increase the leptin levels. There is a complete food guide that will help you determine the best foods to eat for your weight loss goals.

These will also help make the body leaner and more toned. The exercise plan will burn fat and develop muscles.

The diet is designed to help keep the fat off. There is no point in dieting if the fat will come back right away and will not offer lasting changes.

This diet focuses on both the diet and the workout. It will help increase your muscle mass so that your body will be able to burn off more fat.

It is important to maintain muscle mass. People often plateau because they stop building muscle mass.

There is also where 90 percent of diets fail. Diets that drastically limit calorie intake and fasting diets will lower leptin levels. This hormone will help control appetite, metabolism, and other factors needed for weight loss.

There are also some tips for calorie counting and portion control tips.

2. 12 Week Workout Program

This 12-week program will help burn off fat. You can dot this workout at home or it can be done at the gym.

The workout will burn fat and there is an easy step by step guide to follow. This will help develop the hourglass figure that most women desire.

This video is one the internet and it can be accessed at any time. There is no need to hire a personal trainer to change the shape of your body.

3. Virtual Nutritionist Software App

This app will allow you to get nutritional information on a budget.

This app will also you to count calories and protein. It will measure the amounts you are eating against the ideal amount that you should be eating.

This will allow you to eat the perfect meal and get the perfect portions.

4. Venus Index Podcast

This is a tool for motivation and inspiration. It will allow you to connect with other women that are going through the same struggle with weight loss.

You can share success stories. These podcasts are important for your mental state and to keep you motivated. It is important to be mentally prepared for weight loss and motivation is the key.

5. Venus Community

If the podcast does not offer enough motivation for you, there is the support of the Venus Community. This is where you can connect with women and talk about what you are experiencing. There is even a chat feature where you can share stories with other women.

At this site, you can share stories, trade recipes, and talk about weight loss with other women.

My Take on the Venus Factor

There are many different weight loss programs out there, Leptitox reviews, and the Cinderella Solution reviews are just two of them, however, the Venus factors continue to be one of the favorites for many women.

You may not be able to say what type of results you are going to experience from the Venus Factor. Everyone is different and you need to follow the program. Your biochemistry may be different from other women.

Many weight loss results can be achieved while following this diet plan. You can lose anywhere between 20 to 50 pounds in your first 2 to 3 months following this diet and exercise plan.

By the time the 3 months are up, you may have your ideal body and new confidence in yourself.

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