Bowtrol Review: Is Bowtrol Really the Best Colon Cleanser?


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Bowtrol Is Famous for Being the Best Colon Cleanser System on the Market! But Is all This Fame and Popularity Based on Real FACTS? I Did My Research and Got the Answer…

Imagine you have all the info you need about Bowtrol Colon Cleanser.

Everything, the good and the bad, advantages, disadvantages, side effects and so on…

Gerina ReillyWhat if you’re sure is coming from an honest and reliable source so you can make an instant, smart and fact-based decision TODAY.

You’d probably be pumped to read this entire post, right?

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post. So read on…

I’ve suffered from constipation all my life. I remember thinking it was odd and distasteful to “go” more than once a week. All of this caught up with me later in life, with digestive problems that really affected my health.

Now I know that thousands, maybe millions, of people are in the same boat as me and need to address their digestive health.

There are so many products and different advice when it comes to constipation, weight loss, and digestive problems that the problem is finding the right information that you can trust.

You can’t just do a web search anymore without thinking about the source. Is it reliable or not? Is it telling you the truth or just making everything up as it goes along?

BowtrolBecause of my personal interest in this topic, I’ve rolled up my sleeves and done all the research on the product called Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. Bowtrol is used by customers for natural cleansing, treating constipation, and even for weight loss.

As I did, you will want to know what ingredients they put in Bowtrol, what users say about it, the advantages and disadvantages of the product, how to get hold of it, and all the facts to make a decision for yourself.

So In Summary Here Is What I’ve Put Together:

  • What is Bowtrol?
  • Ingredients Used in the Bowtrol System
  • Bowtrol Video
  • How is Bowtrol Different from Other Colon Health and Weight Loss Products?
  • How Does Bowtrol Work?
  • Major Benefits / Advantages of Bowtrol
  • Negative Side Effects / Disadvantages of Bowtrol
  • Is There Proof or Testimonials from Real Bowtrol Users?
  • Bowtrol Studies / Trials / University & Clinical Studies
  • What Do the Experts Have to Say?
  • Final Thoughts
  • Where to Buy Bowtrol Cheaply and Intelligently

You’ve probably heard of Bowtrol and want to find out more information about it, but for anyone who has not heard of it, let’s start with the basics.

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What Is Bowtrol?

Bowtrol is a product designed for colon cleansing. Colon cleansing as a popular practice dates back to ancient Greece.

In the United States, colon cleansing became popular in the 1920s and 1930s and then went out of favor until the present day. Currently, colon cleanses and other types of cleanses have come back into vogue.

Have been scientifically proved that a well-formulated Colon Cleanser increases energy, safely relieves constipation, and stops occasional gas and bloating among other benefits.

Ingredients Used in the Bowtrol System

The natural ingredients in Bowtrol can be classified as the laxative, fiber, constipation remedy, vermifuge, bowel soother, antioxidant, anti-fungal, and antiseptic categories.

  • First, there is the Cascara Sagrada Bark that has been long used on this continent, for several centuries at least. It has strong laxative effects and is also believed to improve muscle tone in the colon walls.
  • Next, there is Flaxseed, which is often used to promote overall health in contemporary diets. Flaxseed is a good source of fiber.
  • Senna and Aloe Vera have promise as constipation remedies, according to Medline Plus. In the vermifuge category, wormseed is supposed to rid the body of parasites through bowel movements.
  • In the bowel soother category, Peppermint Oil is meant to soothe irritable bowel symptoms in small doses. Bentonite Clay is alleged to do the same thing and also to help expel any toxins.

The remaining ingredients that are attributed to Bowtrol are antioxidants, antifungals, or antiseptics: black seeds, olive leaf extract, thyme oil powder, garlic extract, clove, and slippery elm. These are supposed to get rid of harmful microbes, fungus, yeast growth, and germs.

How is Bowtrol Different from Other Colon Health and Weight Loss Products?

According to the company, Bowtrol is manufactured in the USA and uses all-natural herbal ingredients.

Unlike a lot of other products you see out there, Bowtrol’s maker cites a double-blind clinical study that showed its effectiveness and safety in relieving constipation. I will talk more about that clinical study in another section of this article.

How Does Bowtrol Work?

Bowtrol works by combining its herbal ingredients for maximum cleansing and detoxification of your system, according to reviewers.

The company says that Bowtrol maximizes elimination without causing the usual unpleasant side effects like cramping, while also helping cleanse the vital organs and lymphatic system.

Major Benefits / Advantages of Bowtrol

The benefits of Bowtrol are cleansing the colon with all-natural herbal ingredients, eliminating constipation, and even helping tremendously to lose weight.

These advantages are claimed by both the company and product users, which we will talk about in another section coming up.

Here is a more detailed list of some of the benefits attributed to the use of Bowtrol Colon Cleanse:

      • Clean and Detoxify Your Body
      • Increase Energy Levels
      • Aid in Weight Loss
      • Safely Relieve Constipation
      • Stop Occasional Bloating & Gas
      • Promote a Healthy Digestive System
      • Boots Your Immune System

Negative Side Effects / Disadvantages of Bowtrol

There are some warnings of possible side effects caused by Senna, which is one of the natural ingredients in Bowtrol.

If taken for more than 10 days in a row Senna can cause cramps and has also been linked to electrolyte imbalance, nausea, and rash. However, there is no conclusive evidence that proves that Bowtrol indeed can cause these side effects, nevertheless, it is good to keep it in mind while using Bowtrol.

Experts advise that people with Crohn’s disease don’t take Bowtrol without speaking to their doctor. Users with discomfort after taking Bowtrol are also advised to talk to their doctors.

Is There Proof or Testimonials from Real Bowtrol Users?

bowtrol-testimonialsThere are reviews all over the place from Bowtrol users; the real work is finding the legitimate ones from users who have actually taken the product.

I found several surprisingly glowing Bowtrol reviews on the internet. In fact, I found a lot more good reviews that I was expecting and the happy Bowtrol users are actually all over the net.

Below are only a couple of Reviews and Testimonies that appear to be legit and from actual Bowtrol users:

One of them says:

While it has only been a week, I have lost 4lbs and that bloated feeling without feeling cramped or gassy. I started with and continue with 4 pills nightly. The first 2 days were the worst and I would suggest staying close to a bathroom. By day 3, life was much more normal but these outrageous things were coming out of me. Not like the pictures you might see on the site but very much like mucus with an ungodly smell. The cleansing was recommended to me by my doctor with the family history I have and to assist in a weight-loss trial program. While I have not started the diet program, the pounds have already begun to go. This may not be for everybody, but I will continue. Bowtrol works for me without fasting.
Ilovetigger, Orlando, FL

Another one says:

Surprisingly works for well. No pain, or discomfort, but keeps me regular. So far so good, and at the price point, you can’t beat the results. I would compare it to the really expensive pro-biotic sold at Wholefoods for 8 bucks a shot but much less. Good stuff.
Walt, Paterson, NJ

I also found some advice and questions in forums related to colon cleansing and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Here is part of what one person had to say about dosage:

I started by taking 4 tablets per day and slowly worked up to 5 per day. It looks like 5 per day does a great job for me. So basically I took one in the morning after breakfast, another during my coffee break at around 11:00 AM, the third one after lunch. Forth one at around 4:00 PM and the fifth one after dinner which is usually around 7:00 PM.
I hope this info helps everyone with the queries about Bowtrol Dosage.
Jason Power, Escondido, CA

Bowtrol Studies / Trials / University & Clinical Studies

In 2009, Global Clinical conducted a double-blind clinical study on Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. Their results pointed to Bowtrol as a safe constipation reliever. At 14 days, the two groups in the study – the test group and the control group – both appeared to have normal physiological parameters. Bowtrol Colon Cleanse was dubbed well tolerated and safe in the Global Clinical final results.

What Do the Experts Have to Say?

The experts at WebMD discuss the evidence behind the efficacy of colon cleansing. As they point out, bowel reflexes can impact the whole nervous system – not to mention all the symptoms that are caused by constipation.

Colon cleansing products like Bowtrol claim to clear the body of waste (allegedly toxic waste) and also to improve mental well-being and help people lose weight, among other benefits.

Final Thoughts

After researching and testing Bowtrol for one month I can confidently say that this is a solid product. The feedback from most users is positive, the ingredients inside the formula are actually the most powerful and most effective ingredients commonly used to detoxify…

The company behind Bowtrol is a very reputable and very trustworthy manufacturer that has been successfully in business for a very long time.

“I CONFIRMED THAT The factory where they produce Bowtrol, IT is, IN FACT, a state of the art facility…

The manufacturing process is properly maintained and monitored following the highest industry standards and I also confirmed that the ingredients are computer-measured to ensure the maximum effectivity.

This is one of the few FDA approved natural colon cleanser, and the price, while not the lowest on the market, I believe is pretty reasonable if you take into account the quality of the product.

“After using Bowtrol for one month I lost about 2 pounds, I feel cleaner and more energetic,  I breathe a lot better and my skin looks a lot brighter and healthier… The fatigue I usually feel in the afternoon is almost gone and my digestive system has got a real boost. Overall I really feel a lot better…”

I can definitively and unequivocally recommend Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. It is in fact as they say it is and I think this is why it is still so popular and the reoccurring orders keep flowing in.

I did not see anyone who said that constipation was not ended when they used this product.

I’ve taken a look at many of the numerous reviews of Bowtrol, including user reviews and advice that people have given to others who have conditions that can supposedly be helped by the natural ingredients of Bowtrol.

One example of such a condition as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Another is constipation. The consensus, overwhelmingly, seems to be that Bowtrol works to clear the system and end constipation.

Take this information and use it as you see fit. I sincerely hope that it helps relieve any discomfort you may be going through, mental, physical, or otherwise.

Where to Buy Bowtrol Cheaply and Safely

Where To Buy BowtrolThe company’s website has a Special Online Offer of a free bottle offer with the purchase of select packages, which in effect means a big discount for the buyer.

One of their offers right now is if you buy 4 bottles, you get 2 free. That means a 6 months’ supply ends up at about $159.95 which is about 50% Discount.

You must keep in mind that is the only place where you will get the original Bowtrol Colon Cleanse formula is on the Manufacturer Website… There are a bunch of sites all over the web selling Bowtrol, but most of them will deliver cheap imitations of Bowtrol.

Be careful also with Amazon, while I usually shop at Amazon there are big problems when ordering Natural Products since they don’t ship these items themselves, they pass the order to third-party sites and then these sites ship to you whatever they want…

“Be careful especially with Bowtrol since the only place where you can get the real FDA approved Bowtrol is from the manufacturer site.”

So, make sure you get the real thing by only ordering from the Bowtrol Official Website in which, at the same time, you will find the best offers and discounts.

Included with your purchase at the official website is a free weight management group and online fitness program plus 2 free gifts. The free gifts as of today are an e-book titled “71 Weight Loss Tips” and an MP3 titled “Weight Loss Visualization Audio.”

Considering the add-ons and all the Discounts and offers, it seems like going with the official website is a wise choice.

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